Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It’s astounding to me that Luke Russert got through the heartbreak of the last few days with as much courage, composure and eloquence as he did. I couldn’t help misting up at some of the tributes to his much-loved, force-of-nature father Tim. The fact that this 22-year-old didn’t crack in public is a sign of inner strength, and maybe, divine grace at work in his life.

At a time when his father’s family, friends and fans should have been comforting him, he stood strong as a comfort to all - as a sign that life will go on and, to quote Tom Hanks in Cast Away after having faced loss and disappointment of his own, “Tomorrow the sun will rise.”

Maybe I’m reading into it, but at the end of the televised memorial service for Tim Russert this evening, Luke looked worn out, like he’d given almost all he had and was spent. This young man now deserves some private time to grieve with his Mom and family. It’s a gift the media and the public owe him.

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