Monday, June 29, 2009

High Hopes and Heartbreaks

Season 7 American Idol finalist Brooke White has released her new single "Radio Radio" on iTunes. Her album "High Hopes and Heartbreaks" (featuring her first single "Hold Up My Heart") is coming out on July 21.

Brooke has a distinctive tone and character to her voice along with an emotional core that allows her to convey joy, hope, longing or loss in her well-crafted, engagingly delivered songs. Though she's a new artist, Brooke's got a classic singer/songwriter vibe that struck a chord with Idol's viewers and should do the same with new listeners. But to attract new listeners, word about the music has to get out. So check it out yourself by clicking through the widget below. Then, as a certain late night host used to say, "Wake the kids and phone the neighbors" and tell them to buy "High Hopes and Heartbreaks."

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