Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creating Better Media

I recently contributed a short essay to a site called which offers insights into all the world's major religions. My topic dealt with the problem of people writing off popular culture instead of trying to transform it for the better from the inside. To read my take, go here.


Kimmers said...

Tony...loved your essay. I agree whole-heartedly (substituting a more general "Christian" for "Catholic" since I'm not Catholic. :)
It's so true that Christian values are far more effective when woven into everyday life rather than hammered into people's heads. In a way, it's akin to that important piece of writing advice: "Show...don't tell."
I think the television show, "Parenthood" does a good job of what you are talking about. I can say that because Carlos will actually watch it! So, you know the good messages are subtle! Sigh.

Kimmers said...

Okay....why does my name come up as "Kimmers?"