Thursday, April 17, 2008


This season's American Idol contestants are all wonderfully talented singers and performers. My favorites, however, have been Brooke, Cook and Cook (a great name for a legal firm if singing doesn't work out). Sadly, one of the Cooks left the competition last night. Kristy Lee Cook, after being in the Bottom 3 numerous times, received the lowest number of votes which is a shame because she'd really come into her own as a performer in recent weeks. Plus, the girl has a powerful and engaging voice that should definitely lead some country label to sign her quickly. Kristy Lee also demonstrated class and dignity in taking so much criticism which was often unfair. To hear one of her best performances - Martina McBride's "Anyway" - check out the Youtube video below.

But before that, a tip of the hat also to David Cook. It was all over the news this week that David's brother Adam - critically ill with cancer - would be at the American Idol taping. In fact, there were cutaways to Adam during both the performance show and results show. But unless you knew the story, there was never any identification of Adam or direct mention of him. Idol is known for playing up emotional moments. David Cook singing in front of his cancer-stricken brother certainly qualified as such. But even though David was given the opportunity to talk about what was going on, he held back. It seems that he wants to stay in the competition because of his own merits and not because of a sympathy vote. That shows a lot of class in general, and also a lot of respect for his family's situation. Everyone should offer a prayer for Adam Cook and his family that they find healing and peace in this very difficult time.

Now, as promised, here is Kristy Lee Cook with "Anyway:

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