Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I can't think of any time in recent memory when Jesus got as much name recognition on prime-time television (outside of taking-His-name-in-vain, at least) as he did this week on "American Idol." Being that it was Dolly Parton week on Idol and Dolly, like many country artists, is known for singing about faith, the contestants sang several tunes in which Jesus is featured prominently - specifically, "Travelin' Thru" and "Smoky Mountain Memories." Then on tonight's results show, Dolly performed her new single "Jesus and Gravity" which is very much a gospel song about how both Jesus and gravity (but mostly Jesus) keep her grounded in life. It was a fun song with a great message off Dolly's new "Backwoods Barbie" album which I am now inclined to buy. I also like that the title of the song highlights a matter of faith (Jesus) and a matter of science (gravity) showing that we need both these things in our lives. I don't know that the song was looking to make any kind of statement about that; I'm just making that observation on my own. Overall a great week for Idol - especially because my girl Brooke White remains in the competition despite being in the bottom 3 tonight. (I would have posted YouTube clips of the performances but they were poor quality when I just checked so you might have to go to Itunes in case you want to see clips.)

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