Wednesday, May 7, 2008


"I think my faith makes me quicker to say I'm sorry."

That statement was made by Darrell Miller in the new DVD documentary "Champions of Faith: The Bases of Life" which I watched in preparation for an upcoming "Christopher Closeup" interview with executive producer Tom Allen. The film is an inspiring look inside the spiritual lives of some of the most successful players, coaches and managers in Major League Baseball.

The reason that quote jumped out at me is because I often see Christians portrayed as being sanctimonious, as thinking they're better than everybody else. To be fair, there are some Christians who act that way. But there are many others who strive for humility which, in my opinion, is the cardinal virtue for a rich spiritual life. If you're not humble, you have no room for God because you're too full of yourself. That's when religion is reduced to its lowest common denominator of just following a strict set of rules.

Hearing Darrell Miller say that his faith makes him acknowledge his weaknesses and sins was refreshing. Voices like his that are confident in their faith, yet kind and humble in their presentation, should be more prevalent in our culture.

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