Sunday, May 25, 2008


David Cook earned a well-deserved win on "American Idol" this week and accomplished the impossible as far as I'm concerned. He made me like the winning Idol song (video below) which, in the past, I've found okay but overly schmaltzy. Credit goes to Cook whose voice prevents any song from sounding schmaltzy, and also songwriter Reggie Hamm for a good composition in "Time of My Life."

David Cook also deserves credit for being as gracious as he was in winning. His complimentary words for fellow competitior David Archuleta at a time when he could have just been focused on himself were a definite sign of maturity. And not only that, Cook invited all his former competitors in the top 12 onto the stage prior to his final song so they too could share in a final moment of glory on the show they all worked so hard on.

It's one of life's ironies that the high point of David Cook's professional life is happening at the same time as the lowest point in his personal life - his brother Adam's battle with brain cancer. We should all pray for Adam and his family during this most difficult time in their lives.

The Idol finale was, overall, a lot of fun. From Brooke White's duet with Graham Nash on "Teach Your Children" to Carly Smithson and Michael Johns dueting on "The Letter" (videos below), it was a great night of music for fans of the series. I would have appreciated hearing a solo or duet by Kristy Lee Cook instead of the endless and shameless plug of Mike Myer's new "Love Guru" movie, but my little Catholic media job doesn't give me any power in the Idol universe. So instead, here are a few highlights from the show for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Time of My Life - David Cook

Teach Your Children - Brooke White & Graham Nash

The Letter - Carly Smithson & Michael Johns

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